Desktop version brainwave measurement app ‘VIE Streamer’ has been released

Starting from January 5, 2023, we have begun selling licenses for our brainwave analysis program to researchers and collaborative research partners. The program has been successfully adopted and utilized by numerous research and development departments, as well as research institutions such as universities and hospitals. In response to valuable feedback from our users, we are pleased to announce the release of an upgraded version of our desktop brainwave analysis application, now offered as ‘VIE Streamer.’


Earphone-type brainwave monitors ‘VIE Zone’ and ‘VIE Chill.’

The earphone-type brainwave monitors developed by VIE, ‘VIE Zone’ and the waterproof model ‘VIE Chill,’ utilize ear tips as electrodes to capture brainwaves from the ear canal. These wearable devices, known as in-ear EEG (electroencephalogram) headphones, provide easy portability, allowing users to wear them and measure brainwaves anytime, anywhere.


About VIE Streamer

This desktop brainwave measurement application, ‘VIE Streamer,’ is designed for corporate research and development departments, academia, as well as artists and creators. Users can access raw brainwave data immediately by purchasing a perpetual license. Since its release on January 5, 2023, several updates have been made to various features compared to the previous SDK. Additionally, optional Matlab sample code for data analysis is available.

Matlab Sample Code

1. Real-time waveform display, filtering, and recording functionality.

2. Code for waveform recording, frequency analysis, statistical processing, and machine learning model creation (including state estimation during open and closed eyes).
-Required: MATLAB R2019a or later, Signal Processing Toolbox, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
-Recommended: Parallel Computing Toolbox.


Issues to be solved

– Setting up and cleaning up experiments using wet-type electrode brainwave monitors can be time-consuming.
– Building experimental setups for brainwave measurements at home or various locations can be challenging.
– There is a lack of tools suitable for visualizing and creating art with brainwave data.
– Creating scripts for analysis can be time-consuming.

Customer feedback

– “While traditional wet-type brainwave monitors require significant time for preparation and cleanup, this product contributes to time reduction in both pre and post-preparation. (Employee at a transportation equipment manufacturing company)”
– “I was amazed by the ability to visualize brainwaves immediately after wearing the brainwave monitor, allowing for quick confirmation of signal accuracy. (Employee at a consumer goods manufacturing company)”
– “The ease of portability makes it appealing for conducting brainwave measurements at multiple locations, including remote work. (Physician at a national university hospital)”


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