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It is in your nature to connect.

Visualizing and analyzing brain waves using neurotechnology.
Optimise mental feelings applying music and other entainment to provide positive stimulus.

How to achieve

We at VIE aim to realize a prosperous society filled with sensitivity.

A prosperous society filled with sensitivity. It begins with a healthy "mind" and "body," and with the ability to enjoy every moment of every day with full satisfaction. To realize such a lifestyle, we at VIE are engaged in hte research and development of evidence based neuroscience technology products that combine various forms of entertainment, a neuromusic business that harnesses the power of music as the foundation for such a lifestyle.

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VIE Streamer

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Creating Original User Experiences

Our brains are actively reactive every day. Infrastructure, services, products, entertainment, we enjoy all these things as indispensable to our social life.
Using the scientific understanding of this brain activity, or neurotechnology, we can redefine and reconfigure existing values we hold. Through VIE's research and development, we will create new technologies to bring new and orginal experiences for our users.



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Communication with Society

We believe in the power of entertainment. We explore the possibilities of all forms of entertainment and combine them with neurotechnology to develop completely new products and services that make the "mind" and "body" healthier. Our Style Business unit will makes these products and services a part of our daily lives so we may communicate interactively and create the lifestyles of the future.

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Music Opens It Up

Music allows athletes to maximize their abilities. Music reduces work stress and heals. Music is effective for certain mental illnesses. Music is a communication tool that can convey emotions better than words. We use neurotechnology to elucidate and redefine the mysterious power of music and develop innovative products and services.

It makes us happy, heals us, makes us want to cry, and makes us want to dance.
The power of music, which has motivated people's "mind" and "body" for eons, opens up possibilities for a prosperous society filled with sensitivity.


VIE Zone/VIE Chill

VIE Zone/VIE Chill uses a high precision, earphone-type sensor to acquire a variety of biometric information, including brain waves. This biometric information is analyzed by our proprietary AI to accurately measure "brain-related information" such as stress, emotions, sleepiness, and fatigue. (Click here for purchase inquiries.)